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1 Plastic Bag Free NSW
Plastic Bag Free NSW Campaign in 2014
2 Comparison Life Cycle Analysis of shopping bag alternatives
3 ACT Plastic Bag Ban Report
2014 report on the effectiveness of the ACT Plastic Bag Ban
4 NSW Plastic Bag Ban Petition
An online petition to NSW Environment Minister calling for a ban on single use plastic bags
5 The Boomerang Alliance
A coalition of environmental groups campaigning for a container deposit system & waste reduction
6 Plastic Oceans - Lord Howe Island
ABC TV's Catalyst program about plastic pollution on Lord Howe Island and its impact seabirds and our marine wildlife.
7 South Australian Plastic Bag Ban Report
2012 report on the effectiveness of the South Australian Plastic Bag Ban
8 Takeaway coffee cups piling up in landfill as Australia's caffeine habit soars - ABC 7.30
9 Take 3
Take 3 - A Clean Beach Innitiative. Take three pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway or anywhere.
10 GreenHome
The Australian Conservation Foundation's GreenHome
11 Two Hands Project
A new and collaborative approach to cleaning up your world
Stringybark Creek Residents Association
13 Lane Cove Rivercare
Lane Cove Rivercare Group is committed to doing their bit to remove rubbish from Lane Cove River.
14 Planet Arc - Plastic Bag Reduction Report
Details of plastic bag bans in Australia & other countries
15 Australian Seabird Rescue
An organisation that deals with one of the tragic consequences of plastic rubbish
16 Video presentation highlighting the consequences plastic in the oceans and its impact on marine life.
17 Video presentation by Tim Silverwood explaining the enormity of plastic polution in the oceans and its impact on everything.
18 Seas at Risk
Story about a Europeans Commission Report highlighting the overwhelming support for a plastic bag ban across the EU.
19 Plastic Bag Ban Report
Details of plastic bag bans in other countries & jurisdictions
20 Song About Plastic Pollution
YouTube video by made by a young teenager concerned with plastic pollution & the dangers it poses.
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